Rancho Near the Ocean 1.0

Scene Map Editor


I want to introduce you to a wonderful and beautiful place! I built a lot of different bases to survive and not only, but now I have built a secure place to stay! Agriculture, cars, motorcycles, boats - all at your service! This place is suitable for a zombie mods, and for entertainment.

To install this type you will need:
Open IV
MapEditor (very must)

Download and open the file. Move the file to the root folder "RanchoOcean" games GTA 5. After entering the game, press F7 and select the "download", then choose "XML","search" ,and enter the name of the map - RanchoOcean . After loading the map, go to the lake. (shown in the screenshot).

I hope you enjoy my map, because I worked on it a lot! I will be glad to your feedback, as well as your help. I have a weak computer, and I need to improve it.

First Upload: November 20, 2016 Last Updated: November 20, 2016