Racing Between Buildings 1.0



use only hook this script as the last update has not yet been launched at the site gta v mods but alexander blade site ( the hook script creator )
autliazação that the problem was tidy, the game closed to load these maps over ( the limit was increased objects)

use somente esse script hook, pois a ultima atualização ainda não foi lancada no site gta v mods mas no site de alexander blade(criador do script hook)
nessa autliazação foi arrumado o problema,que o jogo fechava ao carregar esses mapas com mais(foi aumentado o limite de objetos)

I used objects 400 is unbelievable
until finally I finished the biggest v gta map or (gta v online) bike,
It took about a week to complete this amazing map and hope you are like a lot
After a long time, I came to bring more a race between the buildings, thanks for more than 1,500 downloads of the map (between the challenge of buildings), I noticed that you loved

you will find 5 .ini files in the .rar folder
1: first spawn
2: wooden platform (after running the first building next to the construction)
3: on top of a building (which has a bank and 2 wallrides)
4: building the fib (after climbing the building using green containers)
5: Mega ramp upon the maze bank
when loading the map again click delete the last 2048 objects
1- extract the file between rising buildings.rar
2- place the file between rising buildings.ini in the main folder of gta v (where is gta5.exe)
3-Download the Simple Trainer 2.3 from sjaak327 (or other mod menu to open .ini files as map editor and Menyoo)
4-Go to the object spawning the trainer menu
5-Go to SAVE / LOAD Objects from objects.ini
6-Go to search for ini files in v's main directory
7-Press in rising between buildings

did not let many .ini file in your main folder of gta v because files with initial z, x, u which are the alphabet last may not appear because there is a limit of files that you can see the trainer simple
Thank you so much
aqui é o brasil krl

First Upload: August 25, 2015 Last Updated: August 28, 2015