President arrives at LSIA [Menyoo] 3.0

Scene Menyoo


-> Changelog Version 3.0
- General overhaul
- New location
- Less fence and stuff...
- Removed Mayor
- Less vehicles
- Added Press interview
- (Test) MP Freemode NPC Version

! Important !
PLEASE read the "Which version, please read me!" txt file inside the Map folder!!!


1. Special Informations
a) The old version of the map (V2.0) is still available inside the "OLD Map" folder.
b) This mod is not made for night time.
c) There may spawn a stretch limousine inside the hangar, this is made by GTA and doesn't belong to the map. Generally I recommend to disable Vehicle Spawning in the Menyoo Trainer.

2. Requires
Menyoo Trainer (I used v.1.4.0)

3. Installation
a) Put .xml file here: GTAV directory -> menyooStuff -> Spooner
b) Ingame: Open Trainer -> Object Spooner -> Manage Saved Files -> (My Map) -> Load Placements

4. Credits
Map made by me

First Upload: February 18, 2018 Last Updated: November 25, 2020