Forests of San Andreas [LODs | Add-On | YMAP | YMT | CARGEN] Forests of San Andreas: Revised 3.0 by Larcius

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Forests of San Andreas [LODs | ADD-On | YMAP | YMT | CARGEN]

This map adds thousands of trees, adds misc, car generators and scenarios.

Forests of San Andreas combines both Forests of Chiliad, Forests of Senora and complete new areas, covering most of the north part of the map.

This map now offers three forest versions:
-Cedar version(only Cedar trees)
-Redwood version(only Redwood trees)
-Mixed version(this version has the most amount of trees and diversity as it mixes the forests between big Redwood, small Redwood, big Cedar, medium Cedar, small Cedar), Mixed version comes in two:
RRC version and CR version, both versions are the same except for two differences:
-South of the forests only the RRC version has Redwood trees while the CR version has Cedar trees instead(rest of the areas are the same for both versions).
-RRC adds more small Redwood trees south the map(making it the version with the most number of trees).

All the screenshots you see on Forests of San Andreas page are from the RRC version.

(Installation is in the readme)


-Resized many trees for better visual(in specific areas only).

-Reconstructed all the rpf files.
-Relocated many small Redwood trees that were colliding with the players path(since small Redwoods still use vanilla collision).
-Increased HD LOD distance for Cedar trees version.

-Improved Redwood LOD model(Thanks to Alex106 for updating it).
-Improved Redwood LOD texture(Thanks to Alex106 for improving the texture).
-Recalculated the extents(Thanks to Alex106 for informing me about this).
-Lite version(In "Optional" folder).

-Enhanced the LOD texture shape and color for Redwood tree(thanks to Alex106 for smoothing it out).
-New mixed version(mixes the forests between big Redwood, small Redwood, big Cedar, medium Cedar, small Cedar).
-Position adjustments for some trees that seemed to be out of place.
-Added smaller trees all around the map for both Redwood and Cedar.
-Some interior changes for the Cabin.
-Closed the silo hatch(open silo with rocket is now optional).
-Relocated some trees that were causing lazer to crash and explode.
-Relocated some trees that were causing Besra to crash and explode.
-Adjusted some scenario paths in order to stop planes from crashing and exploding(as i wasn't able to make way for some scenario paths so went with editing the scenarios so please install the files in "Scenarios" folder).
-Increased HD LOD distance for Redwood trees.
-Increased HD LOD distance for Cedar trees(Mixed version only).
-New area(Paleto Bay).
-Fixed underground safe house satellite dish position for Cedar version(was in mid air).

This is a YMAP map, does not require MapEditor nor Menyoo to load,
it will load automatically just like any other prop in the game without any loading time or limits thanks to Sollaholla's YMAP converter and dexyfex for CodeWalker.

This brings dense Cedar and Redwood trees(This tree is actually a cut model that Rockstar did not use in the final version of the game)to the northern side of LS.

It uses"Forests Of V-The Creek" which I have done some major changes to(changes below), as for the rest of the locations it has been done from scratch.

YMAP converter:
Forests Of V-The Creek by WantedBounty, reworked this map with the following:
All trees have been lifted, added more trees, relocated trees that were spawned on rocks, relocated trees that were causing scenario planes to crash and explode,
added rotation and bending for random trees.
Map Editor:
LODs: (Alex106)
ParentIndex value numbering sequence code: (Slash_Alex)

If you find anything that is out of place please report.

First Upload: February 26, 2018 Last Updated: November 27, 2021