Dodge the balls v1.1



v 1.1

  • Updated file name and readme file

  • This map is the opposite of my other map, race the balls. The goal is simply to go past the balls and make it to the top.
    Easier said than done, depending on which vehicle you choose.

    Don't go up the ramp until the 4 blue stars appear!! The startline is connected to the logs, which goes all the way up to the top and activates the balls! It takes a minute to load, be patient.

    1. Make sure you have SimpleTrainer (v 2.2 or newer) by sjaak327 installed.
    2. Drop the .ini file in your main GTA 5 folder
    3. Start the game, and load the .ini file via Simple Trainer. (Simple Trainer menu-> Object Spawning-> Save/load objects from objects.ini-> Search for ini files in V's main Directory)

    (delete last 500 objects before reloading the objects file, or the game will crash)

    First Upload: July 27, 2015 Last Updated: July 27, 2015