Crash planes in LS Airport [Map Editor + Menyoo] 1.0

Scene Menyoo Map Editor Airport


Plane Crash in Los Santos International Airport!

This is my first map mod so feel free to comment????

Note:(Install MapEditor and Menyoo) Due to some error in my (ScripthookV) i was not able to save the vehicles in Menyoo so i saved the vehicles in MapEditor.

A map with two Crashed Planes.
Added scenarios, animation, effects, speech...
Added emergency vehicles. Ambulance, FireTruck, Police cruisers.
Cops are on the spot (provoking themselves).

Note: Load the file "Crash671.xml" in menyoo. and Load the file "emergency671a.xml" in Map Editor.

1. Go to GTA V directory and put "Crash671.xml" to the directory: "Grand Theft Auto V/MenyooStuffs/Spooner"
2. Now put the file "Emergency671a.xml" to your GTA V Directory
3. Now open MapEditor in the game by pressing F7 and select "Load Map"
5. Select "choose from XML"
4. In MapEditor type the name of the file as "emergency671a" or just (load from file)
5. Now Open menyoo in game by pressing F8
6. Select "Object Spooner"
7. Select "Manage Saved Files"
8. Select "Load From File" and type the name as "Crash671.xml" and select load placements.


Hope you Like it

First Upload: November 20, 2016 Last Updated: November 20, 2016