Archipelago Penthouse [Menyoo] 1.1

Menyoo Interior Building House


(1.1) Version:
Fixed the blank walls into the bedroom (I'm referring to the random white walls you can see in the video).

This is the first map I've made on GTAV, so I'm aware that it might not be perfect, however I highly reccomend to play it in first person mode, and make sure it's not raining ;)

This mod requires:
Menyoo PC and Map Editor 2.13
Original game copy w/ latest updates

Drag woodpent1 into GTAV main folder / MenyooStuff / Spooner and
drag woodpent2 into the main GTAV folder.

Once in game use menyoo trainer to load the map called woodpent1, and
with Map editor load the map called woodpent2 which fixes a few things and adds some pickups here and there.
(When you will load woodpent1 w/ menyoo you might have the loading screen for like a minute).

Feel free to make some videos about this mod, since I didn't because I'm too lazy, and don't ask me for anything, you are free to use this mod as you want.

First Upload: August 24, 2016 Last Updated: August 25, 2016